Ski & Snowboard Program for Madison High School Students



This is a wonderful opportunity to join the Madison Ski & Snowboard program which has a new look this year and is under new direction. The program is no longer operated by Madison High School but will run under the direction of Robyn Eastin, teacher at Madison High and owner of SodaVine in Rexburg. Robyn is passionate about seeing people have a good time and involving youth in a program that she considers fun and, “So Divine.”

She comments, “this is great way to connect with other teens at Madison High, to build friendships, and to create lasting memories. This program gives students the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful outdoors during the long winter months. We’ve had some great trips in the past 18 years. This can be a great holiday gift. Come join for another magical experience and season.”

Trips ARE NOT School Excused.



Big Sky & Bridger Bowl

Jan 11-12

Skiing Friday & Saturday

$83 Ticket (Big Sky)
$58 Ticket (Bridger Bowl)
$35 Bus
$35 Lodging
$25 Chaperone fee
$236 Total

Signup Deadline: Jan 4, 2019

Overnight trip. Loading at 5:15am, leaving at 5:45am Friday. Skiing at Big Sky on Friday and Bridger Bowl on Saturday. Returning by around 9pm.

You are responsible for 2 lunches and 2 dinners. Continental breakfast provided.

Sun Valley

Jan 31st – Feb 1st

Skiing Friday

$37 Tickets
$39 Bus
$55 Lodging
$19 Food
$12 Skating
$25 Chaperone fee
$187 Total

Signup Deadline: Jan 27, 2019

Overnight trip. Loading at 12:20pm, leaving at 1pm Thursday. Returning by around 9pm Friday.

Bring a swim suit for the heated pool and warm clothes for skating Thursday night.

You are responsible for lunch on Thursday and dinner on the way home Friday. Price includes dinner Thursday, and breakfast and lunch on Friday.

Snow Basin

Feb 22-23

Skiing Saturday

$82 Ticket
$36 Bus
$30 Lodging
$23 Boondocks
$20 Chaperone fee
$191 Total

Signup Deadline: Feb 15, 2019
Chaperone fee increases to $25 after the signup deadline

Overnight trip. Loading at 12:20pm, leaving at 1pm Friday. Returning by around 9pm Saturday.

Missing school 4th & 5th periods on Friday.

Eat lunch before we leave or bring a lunch to eat on the way. Food and fun at Boondocks on Friday is included. You are responsible for 1 dinner and 1 lunch. Continental breakfast provided.

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Frequently Asked Questions



Is this a Madison High School sponsored program?

No. Last year was the final year as an approved club at Madison High School. Because many students have come to Mrs. Eastin expressing interest she has decided to set it up and operate the program independently.


Can meetings still be held at the school?

Yes. Administration has approved and agreed to allow the ski/snowboard club to hold meetings and announcements at the High School during school time.


Can younger siblings be involved?

Yes, however they cannot ride the bus or stay in the same rooms as the High School students. If the family of a student participating wants to travel separately, they can contact Mrs. Eastin at the High School about purchasing tickets. Students attending Madison Middle School and Madison Junior High may also be interested in participating in the iSkiRexburg ski and snowboard program created by Mrs. Eastin but currently being managed and run by her daughter Stephanie Ballard.


Where can I buy parent/sibling tickets?

Parent and sibling tickets must be purchased through the Chaperones & Friends/Family form. The tickets are good only on the days scheduled for the Madison Ski Club trips.


Will the student miss any school?

Yes, and they will not be school excused. They will miss 3 days total.
Big Sky: 1 full day on Friday, January 11th.
Sun Valley: 4th and 5th hours on Thursday, January 31st and all day Friday on February 1st.
SnowBasin: 4th and 5th hour on Friday, February 22nd.


In case of an emergency, how can I contact a chaperone while my student is on a trip?

Cell phone service is limited so we can be reached by calling the resorts in case of an emergency.

Big Sky: (800) 548-4486, Bridger Bowl: (406) 587-2111, Sun Valley: (208) 622-4111, Snow Basin: (801) 620-1000.

Robyn Eastin, the program manager, will have her cell and accompany the students on all trips. She can be reached at 208-351-1033.



Links to BYUI Outdoor Resource Center Rentals, Big Sky Resort Sports Madison Rental & Repair, Sun Valley and SnowBasin


Are there any fundraiser opportunities?

Yes. These are limited but Mrs. Eastin has signed up for a concessions at a basketball game so be watching for details by visiting with her in her classroom or watching the facebook and instagram page. SodaVine will also support efforts by having some SodaVine club nights. A portion of the proceeds will go towards the trips to trim costs so come and support that.


If my son or daughter helps with fundraisers can the money earned be applied towards the trip?

Yes. We are always looking for help in supporting this great organization. Donations, sponsorships, or fundraisers help and ideas. If students help, a portion will be taken and divided amongst those who donate their time. This is dependant upon the total earned.


Can my parent help chaperone and travel

Yes. They will need to fill out the contact form and request to be a chaperone. I can guarantee a good time and discounted prices compared to what you would pay if you traveled on your own. Your travel would be covered if you ride the bus.


Can a chaperone drive up on their own?

Yes, If I don’t need you to ride the bus. If you drive you will be responsible to pay for your own gas unless you’re carrying equipment, then a portion or all of your gas will be covered.


Can a chaperone bring a child on the bus or with them in the chaperone’s own vehicle?

Yes. If there’s room on the bus they can ride but will need to pay for the cost of the bus. If you take your own vehicle, they will then be riding with you at no cost.


Drug policy?

No smoking, illicit drugs or alcohol will be allowed or tolerated. This includes vaping. I reserve the right to refuse a continuation of the trip, remove, your ski ticket, and refuse to allow you to continue to be with the group. If you are under the influence or conducting yourself objectionably, action will be taken if in violation. The chaperone or program manager will call local police, contact parent to pick up student, and stay with student until the arrival of the parent.


Refund Policy?

Only the ski tickets are refundable unless the trips are cancelled. Other costs and fees are non-refundable. If you sign up for a trip and decide to cancel, you will need to find a replacement for a total refund. If a replacement cannot be found, you will receive a refund for the cost of the ski ticket only.


Questions and Contact?

Program Managers/Chaperones: Robyn & Eric Eastin


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